Student Wellbeing / NCCD

An integral component of our Student Services Program at Thomas Carr College is the Student Wellbeing Department. Counselling and wellbeing services promote the personal, psychological and emotional growth of young people.

At times, the competing demands of study, friends and family can throw a young person’s life out of balance. As adolescents face new challenges in their life, they may find it helpful to talk to a Student Counsellor about some of the issues which may make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies or which get in the way of their enjoyment of life.

The department is staffed by four experienced counsellors who are available to provide necessary support at school, and where appropriate to assist students and families to make contact with community agencies outside the school. Student Counsellors are also able to arrange for students to be referred for a range of psycho-educational assessments.

Referrals to a Student Counsellor may be made by any staff member or parent, and of course, students are able to refer themselves.

The main services offered to students are:

Personal Counselling

  • Assistance with relationships – family and friends
  • Support during or following a crisis
  • Help to deal with loss or grief
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Help with stress, anxiety or depression
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Support for students who are new to the College

Study Related Counselling

  • Organising study time and developing study plans
  • Help with procrastination and meeting deadlines
  • Assistance with anxiety about exams and class presentations

Student Counsellors provide consultancy to teachers to assist students to achieve their best possible learning outcomes and to support students during difficult times. They also provide consultancy to parents who may be concerned about their child’s learning, behavioural, social and emotional development. The team considers emerging student wellbeing needs, contributes to identified and school priorities, and responds to critical incidents involving the College community.