Health Centre

The College Nurse is responsible for the management and operation of the Health Centre, and care of the students and staff who require first aid, medical assistance and holistic wellbeing care for students during school hours. The nurse uses an integrated approach to health promotion to achieve a healthy school environment and ethos.

The Nurse’s role at Thomas Carr is to manage the health and safety of students and staff. This can be achieved by providing a welcoming environment in the Health Centre, engaging students about health issues relevant to them and being a resource to both students and staff. Through education, students can gain greater understanding of illnesses such as diabetes and asthma, and complete valuable training in CPR and first aid.

If a student feels unwell or is injured and is unable to return to scheduled classes, the College Nurse will contact parents to make arrangements to collect their child. As well as providing individual health consultations for students, the College Nurse also works collaboratively within the school community by:

  • Providing support for aspects of the school curriculum on health-related matters;
  • Supporting the planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion activities; and
  • Supporting the development of a healthy school environment and ethos.