VET Program

VET provides students both in VCE and VM the opportunity to participate in a nationally recognised certificate while still at school. VET courses are usually complete over two years part-time, starting in Year 10 or 11. VET provides opportunities for students to jump-start their career while developing practical skills in their chosen industry.

Benefits of VET certificates:

  • An extra qualification
  • Technical skills
  • Industry experience, when completed in conjunction with Structured Workplace Learning
  • Possible credit to higher-level courses
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Practical and often hands-on

How does VET contribute to VM and VCE?

  • Units of credit: most VM courses contribute credits at Units 1,2 3 and 4 to VCE, as well as Industry specific credits towards VM
  • Some VM courses offer scored programs, where you receive units of credits, as well as a score for your ATAR
  • When a course does not offer a scored assessment, students can still receive a boost to their ATAR if they complete a VCE VM course.

Thomas Carr College is part of the Wyndham Cluster (WYNBAY LLEN) of over 12 schools providing more than 25 courses to students within the region. Most Cluster courses take place on a Wednesday afternoon, with a VM bus available to take students to the various locations.

Thomas Carr College also works with other providers such as The Gordon TAFE (Geelong and Werribee), William Angliss (CBD), Victoria University, Box Hill TAFE (City Campus) and Kangan TAFE to provide Year 11 and 12 students additional external VM opportunities, to support our students on their chosen pathways.

Wyndham Cluster VM Courses Available:

  • Trades: Automotive, Electro, Plumbing, Carpentry, Furnishing (scored), Engineering (scored), Bricklaying
  • Information Digital Media and Technology (scored)
  • Sport and Recreation (scored)
  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Creative Media (scored)
  • Community services (scored)
  • Allied Health (scored)
  • Applied Fashion
  • Business (scored)
  • Hospitality (scored)
  • Animal Studies
  • Dance (scored)
  • Music Industry (Performance and Sound Production) (scored)