Structured Workplace Learning

Structured Workplace Learning is available to students who are completing the following options at Thomas Carr College: Industry and Enterprise, VET courses and VCE-VM. SWL is an extension of Work Experience where students can integrate industry specific experience into their secondary education. These workplaces are usually specific to their Industry of interests.

It provides students with:

  • Enhanced skill development
  • Practical application of industry knowledge
  • Assessment of units of competency
  • Achievement of some learning outcomes for VCE-VM
  • Enhanced employment opportunities
  • Students can also receive additional VCE-VM credits at a Unit 1 & 2 Level. This credit comes from completing Structured Workplace Learning Recognition Assessment

Some students enrolled in particular VET courses have mandated SWL hours. Courses like Cert III Allied Health and Cert III Early Childhood Education and Care, require students to complete SWL hours in order to pass units of competency.

In order to be eligible to complete SWL, students must complete all required paperwork, as well as course requirements. In VCE-VM, students need to complete Work Related Skills Unit One, as well as their safe@work assessments. For some VET Certificates, students must complete all OH&S units before going on placement.

Students undertaking SWL as part of a VET or VCE can also access the SWL Portal to find placement opportunities around the local area, as well as further afield.

Additional Information:

Industry and Enterprise SWL and Work Experience Contact: Ms Anna Laba – Careers Coordinator
SWL for VET and VM contact: Mr John Bassi – Applied Learning and Vocational Training Leader