SACCSS Sports Program

Thomas Carr College is a member of the Sports Association of Catholic Co-Educational Secondary Schools (SACCSS). Members of SACCSS share a common philosophy where every school activity is an educational experience.

By participating in this competition, the College:

  • Provides students with an opportunity to enhance their physical and emotional skills, enjoy social interactions and strengthen College connections
  • Provides students with co-curricular leadership opportunities through the formation, governance and participation in sport activities
  • Provides students with experiences in competitive sport that is professional, organised and regular
  • Provides students the opportunity to play other Catholic Schools during school time, limiting the impact on travel and family time

Selection Process

Students will complete the online SACCSS Selection Form at the beginning of the academic year if they are interested in trying out for a sport. Students who nominate to try out for a sport must attend tryouts/training to be considered for team selection.