Music and Performing Arts

Thomas Carr College has a wonderfully rich history when it comes to the Performing Arts, from the production of many outstanding musicals and drama performances through to the vocal talents of our highly talented ensembles and group choirs.

To encourage our students to pursue their gifts and talents, they are encouraged to engage in the extra-curricular activities that are offered at the College. Thomas Carr offers an extensive music program. There are a number of different ensemble options for students to join such as the Brass Ensemble, the Jazz Band, the Woodwind Ensemble, the Flute Ensemble, The Clarinet Ensemble, the Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands and the College Choir.

Students are given to opportunity to perform in front of an audience to showcase their talents on a number of occasions throughout the year at the various Concerts and Soirees that are held. Students are also given the opportunity to perform in the various College Musicals and Drama Productions.