Magis Program

The Magis Program at Thomas Carr College is designed to cater for the needs of capable students who demonstrate above average academic abilities, high levels of task commitment and a creative approach to problem solving. Through specialist curriculum, well-practiced teaching expertise, and a developed culture of high expectations, students will be stimulated, challenged and motivated towards even higher levels of achievement.

Each year, students are selected, based on their academic level to participate in the Magis Program. Students can follow a numeracy pathway where they will receive acceleration in Maths and Science, or a literacy pathway where they will be accelerated in English and Humanities. In some cases, students can participate in both the literacy and numeracy pathways. Selected students participate in this six-year program which is designed to enhance intellectual potential and development. Accelerated courses involve a combination of a faster-paced curriculum and more complex and abstract material which encourages students to further develop their capacity for higher-level thinking. Deeply rooted within the wisdom and tradition of Ignatian spirituality, the Latin word Magis means the greater, the excellent, the best.

Students who strive for the Magis want always to do better. The quest of the Magis is to encourage young people who have ambitious goals and to challenge them to always strive further than the mediocre. The Magis program at Thomas Carr College, therefore, endeavours to produce leaders, students who are always striving to see more, to love more and to do more.

Program Outline

While the Magis Program will align with the current curriculum from Year 7 to 12 many new opportunities to extend students will be presented. Students will be encouraged to participate in a range of advanced academic activities focusing on literacy and numeracy while being extended in the various electives offered at the College. The ability for Magis Program students to complete the VCE (Baccalaureate) will also be central to this program. The VCE (Baccalaureate) is an additional form of recognition for those students who choose to undertake the demands of studying both a higher-level mathematics and a language in their VCE program of study. Advanced studies in LOTE will allow students to take up this opportunity.

Selection Process

A panel will review the academic data from all enrolment applications. The academic data will include reviewing of the student NAPLAN and PAT test results as well as their results from a specialised entry test ran by Thomas Carr College. The panel will also take into consideration the Grade 5 reports and any other discussions with the primary schools about the progress of the student. Letters of invitation will be forwarded to the parents of those students selected for the program, and parents and students will need to attend a compulsory information night during the Pentecost Term (Term 2). The program will allow space for 50 students. At the end of each semester the progress of each student will be reviewed. The academic results and work habit indicators of each student should continue to be worthy of a Magis scholar and should continue to maintain outstanding results in every subject undertaken. Should this not be the case at the end of the semester, the student will forfeit their place in the program for the following semester.

Student Expectations

Participation in the Magis Program will require students to meet the high expectations that the College has of all students. The participation in the Magis program needs to be considered a privilege and as such a student’s contribution to the College community needs to reflect this.

A student in the Magis program will be,expected to:

  • Maintain an excellent academic record.
  • Be fully committed to their studies and striving to achieve their best.
  • Actively participate in all classes and be always prepared for all curriculum activities.
  • Be an exemplary role model to other students.
  • Willingly adhere to all College policies, processes and procedures.
  • Be engaged fully in the life of the College through participation in various co-curricula programs of the College such as the College’s performing arts and sporting opportunities.
  • Seek out opportunities for positions of student leadership within the College as they arise.

Benefits of the Program

Gifted or talented students experience a sense of wellbeing, positive development and engagement when provided with supportive and challenging learning environments and opportunities that are responsive to their individual strengths and interests.

Students in the Magis Program will experience:

  • A differentiated curriculum that is stimulating and motivating.
  • Challenges in their specific areas of ability or interest.
  • Learning that encourages the development of problem-solving skills.
  • Opportunities to socialise and learn with peers of like-ability as well as work independently.
  • Opportunities to overcome obstacles and earn success which will impact more positively on their self-esteem than easy accomplishments.

Student Opportunities

As part of the Magis Program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with dynamic and innovative teachers who have a commitment to accelerated learning.
  • Participate in a range of academic challenges and competitions eg. Australian Mathematics Competition; Stem Mad.
  • Participate in an accelerated study of a language other than English.
  • Study additional sequences of Unit 3 and 4 studies to enhance their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • Achieve the VCE Baccalaureate.

More Information

For further information in relation to the Thomas Carr College Magis Program please contact Ashley Saliba, Head of Learning & Teaching – Middle School.