Group Tutoring Program

Thomas Carr College offers the Tutor Learning Program to all students. This is a free initiative to support student learning and success. At Thomas Carr College, we respect that for many reasons, students may require additional support to achieve their best. The Tutor Learning Program offers a hybrid model of support, where participation is entirely voluntary for students. The program has supported students to achieve their personal learning goals, and in many cases, exceed their own expectations.

The voluntary nature of the program enables students to build strong relationships with our tutors, creating a learning environment that also nurtures student wellbeing. To support the wellbeing of our students, there is opportunity within the program for students to participate in 1:1 tutoring, small group or receive in-class support.

There is no sign-up process for the Program, while families are welcome to communicate with their child’s teachers or tutors, students are encouraged to contact our tutor team directly via face-to-face within the library or via email. Our Tutors can then engage students in an informal discussion surrounding the student’s learning goals and areas where support is needed. Participation in the program follows a flexible model, where students can attend regular sessions, or organise “drop in” sessions if ongoing support is not warranted. The program operates to support all students with their school-related work and study skills. Students seeking tutoring for languages, select entry examinations or other purposes are encouraged to engage an external tutoring company.

We at Thomas Carr College are privileged to support our students on their personal learning journeys and take great pride in our ability to offer initiatives such as the Tutor learning Program. If you require further information, please contact your child’s teacher or Learning Area Leader.