Social Justice

 ‘Faith in Action,’ striving to enact Fratelli tutti.

One of our central pillars of our Catholic Faith and Mission is that of Social Justice. In Pope Francis’ encyclical we are called to be understanding of others as we work to build a more just and peaceful world. Our Social Justice Team, led by our Social Justice Captains, guide the College community in promoting awareness and compassion towards social, economic, and ecological issues and work to raise much-needed funds to support a wide-range of Catholic charitable organisations.

Through the Social Justice Team’s works of mercy, our College is invited to reflect on how we, as a faith-filled community, can respect the dignity of each person, are inclusive of all those at the edges, and promote sensitivity, justice and compassion for all.

Each year, Thomas Carr College supports and has an ongoing relationship with the following local, state, and international charities & congregations:

Term 1 – Caritas, Australia
Supporting the Caritas Project Compassion Lenten Appeal.

Term 2 – Opening the Doors Foundation
Providing financial aid to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families experiencing educational disadvantage.

Term 3 & 4 – St Vincent de Paul
Spreading awareness and compassion through the Vinnies Winter Sleep-Out Appeal and funds to support families through the Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal.

Throughout the Year – Missionary Society of St Paul
Providing support for its missions in the Philippines

“Social Justice, to me, means striving for fairness, equality, and opportunity for all members of Thomas Carr College“.

Keisha Joshi
Middle School Social Justice Captain

“Social Justice, is being able to restore and improve the livelihoods of the underprivileged, as well as spread empathy and kindness in the community through actions and behaviour.”

Vritika Mashar
Senior School Social Justice Captain