International Enrolments

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Carr College. The College provides a vibrant learning community that celebrates the value international students bring to the College.

Why study in Melbourne?

Melbourne is highly regarded as an excellent destination for study with many advantages including:

  • a harmonious, multicultural community with a safe urban and natural environment
  • many highly ranked world-class universities
  • a sophisticated city with a vibrant sporting and arts culture
  • a temperate climate and affordable cost of living

Application Process

Thomas Carr College accepts applications from International Students where students are accompanied by and reside with a parent / legal guardian or suitable relative.

Completing an Application
  • Complete an Application for Enrolment Form, including medical data section with both parents to sign
  • Provide notarised translated copies of the student’s school reports covering the last two years of study
  • Provide verified translation of birth certificate and copy of passport
  • Complete and submit AEAS test results. AEAS Test Centre locations can be found at
  • If the student is over 16, a notarised translated copy of a Graduation Certificate showing that the student has achieved results allowing them to progress to the academic stream in senior secondary school, including a score of over 75% in English
  • Complete Nomination of Accommodation and Guardian Form

Please note, the College requires all international students to live with a parent / legal guardian or suitable relative. The College does not enrol students who would require a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) from the College.

Assessment of Application

The Director of International Programs assesses all International student applications. Students may be asked to attend a face-to-face interview, either in person or online if not in-country.

As a condition of enrolment, students must complete the required amount of ELICOS as determined by the AEAS assessment by an external ELICOS provider prior to commencing students at Thomas Carr College. A conditional offer will be made to students on this basis.

The College will conduct an initial screening of the international student’s accommodation arrangements using the College’s Homestay Appraisal form for any student residing with a suitable relative.

Offer of a Place

If the student’s application is successful, the School will forward a Letter of Offer and Written Agreement to the student. The results will be communicated to the referring agent or family if it is a direct application.

Accepting the Offer

To accept the offer of a place at Thomas Carr College, the following must be submitted to the School:

  • International Student Agreement completed and signed by both parents
  • Medical Data (if this was not forwarded earlier)
  • Payment of the fees in advance as requested in the Letter of Offer

Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

Once the payment and all documents requested above have been received, the College will issue the Confirmation of Enrolment to enable students to apply for a student visa.

To assist with your visa application, we recommend using an accredited education agency.

International Student Fees

The following fees are applicable for international students:

Year Level2024
Year 7 to Year 9$21,000
Year 10 to Year 12$21,000
Application Fee$300

The fees above do not include non-tuition fees including items such as uniform, computer, textbooks or accommodation.

International Student Policies


For any International Student enquiries, please contact Tom Bridges, Assistant Principal – International and Community Partnerships on Ph: +61 3 8734 2467 or email:

For further information or assistance with the application process, please contact the College Registrar on Ph: +61 3 8734 2444 or email:

Thomas Carr College is a registered education provider (Secondary Years 7 – 12) to International Students: CRICOS: 01968B